About the Book

With fifty different kinds of mushrooms featured, as well as recipes and tips on hunting and preparing them, Fry, Thrive, or Die is a must-read for anyone interested in the world of wild mushrooms.

Are you skeptical about your ability to identify a delicious mushroom from a deadly one?

Do you want to learn how to find, process, and prepare wild mushrooms for food and medicine?

Are you ready to have fun learning about mushrooms?

About Fry, Thrive, or Die

Fungi are a fascinating and largely misunderstood group of organisms. To the average person, they are simply mushrooms – some are good to eat, while others can make you sick. However, there is so much more to these strange and often mysterious creatures. In Fry, Thrive, or Die, author Michael Amaranthus explores the world of mushrooms – from the common and delicious to the poisonous and hallucinogenic. He also provides readers with a wealth of information on how, when and where to hunt for wild mushrooms, as well as recipes for enjoying them as both food and medicine.

Whether you are a mushroom enthusiast or simply curious about these fascinating organisms, Fry, Thrive, or Die is sure to delight and educate.

Learn to Hunt for Wild Mushrooms

Readers will learn where to find edible mushrooms, how to avoid poisonous look-alikes, and what cooking methods bring out the best flavor in each type of mushroom.

Discover Unique History

You’ll be taken on a journey through the fascinating history of mushrooms, from ancient cultures that revered them as gods, to their use as medicine and food.

Unveil Fun and Interesting Facts

You’ll learn about the complex relationship between mushrooms and trees, and how these little organisms help break down organic matter and recycle nutrients back into the soil. 

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